garlic farm

IMG_5730The road in is too rough without a four wheel drive. We park off the logging road and trek through the forest past a trailer that’s been taken over by marmots.

IMG_5762Darby’s pop’s garlic farm. Over the summer I’ll be here on my days off, helping out with the harvest.

IMG_5772Garlic fields between the greenhouse and past the empty chicken coop. Three percherons beyond that.

IMG_5758Cabin with a loft bed where his dad and partner live. Attached is the open kitchen/mudroom. Big raven cooing on the peak.

IMG_5729By far the nicest outhouse in the valley.

IMG_5752Stoke the coals underneath for a hot bath.

IMG_5801Wash up sink.

IMG_5795IMG_5786IMG_5779Belgian drafts.

  1. Have you indulged in that outdoor bath?? Did you have to stoke the coals??
    That is a pretty nice looking outhouse, as far as outhouses go.

    • lysette said:

      I haven’t but I totally want to, they say its heavenly! Sondra even did a landscape painting from the perspective of soaking in the tub; her toes poking out the rim looking at the mountains, really sweet. I know my way around the outhouses in this area and this one not only has several pieces of art but also a bergamont oil spritzer. Top notch!

  2. kendy said:

    garlic is a gift from the gods.

    that outhouse puts port-a-potties to shame!

    • lysette said:

      And this field is rich in variety! The Yugoslavian garlic with blow your head off!

      I will take the most run down wooden outhouse over one of those blue plastic port-a-potties any day. When I worked in construction if I could pee in the bushes I would. The blues get rank on a job site real fast! But I love an old hand built outhouse in the woods, the open air, rustle of the trees -the black widows and wasps, not so much 😉

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