garlic farm two

IMG_5690It poured rain all day. We spent most of the afternoon in the cabin drinking tea and eating vegetable soup.

IMG_5813IMG_5811IMG_5684Shyia is a maremma sheepdog, a guardian breed. She protects the horses and chases deer out of the garden. Her eyes are yellow/green. Teeth sharp and stark white. She towers over Luka.

IMG_5678Sondra’s scenic murals from a cowboy show.

IMG_5696This one was just rotting in the bush. D and his dad held it up for me to see.

IMG_5693The outdoor shower is tucked in close to the creek where it pulls it’s water from. Cold and really fucking cold are the two temperature options.

IMG_5685Modesty wall for bathers.

  1. I love how garlic looks when it’s braided. So cool.
    What a beauty that Shiya is! She does look very big.

    • lysette said:

      And that’s at the very end of it, usually Sondra braids in ten bulbs with marigold and lavender. She is beautiful, a sweet temperament, has her own dog house but prefers to sleep in the barn with the horses, keeping watch over them.

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