1. So glad you had a nice time! Love the shot of the venue after the HCA photo. Sounds like you really did caffeinate, Sweetleaf and Variety both make great coffee. I am trying to figure out still if I was in the city – J and I were in Boston one weekend, but it might have been the weekend prior. maybe we will run into one another some day! must be nice to be back home though…

    • lysette said:

      The best time! But would have been better if we got to hang out 😉 We were thinking maybe next fall -I really want to do a self guided HP Lovecraft tour of Providence Rhode Island. Oh god the coffee was good.

      Yeah that was the Mannes New School in the upper west side, nice old recital hall, they’re moving out of that space next week, the shows there blew us away and it really felt like we were the only wild cards showing up, though I guess that’s the case with modern music, it’s pretty insular.

      Being home is nice but a black bear pooped in front of my cabin this morning!

  2. raechel said:

    I love all of these! You succeeded the call to pursue magic, clearly. ❤

    • lysette said:

      Easy to hear if I keep my heart open, that’s a gentle lesson I keep learning from you 🙂

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