mail day!

IMG_6442I went home on the day off and the patches I’d ordered from Retirement Fund had arrived. The Vegan til I Die skull is awe-some! I also thought I was ordering patches of his Next Stop Adventure zine series but it was the actual zines themselves! I’ve read and loved the series in the book format published by Pioneers Press but having the originals is really nice too. I thought I would never be able to collect them. I love his drawings for the covers hence why I figured they’d be inspiring patches; reminders that adventure and a positive mindset are cornerstones to a good life.

IMG_6444I love that he added a slip promoting his friends and favorites, even though they are all familiar, the gesture is sweet and thoughtful. Funny too that a little while back Herbivore announced the new King Koala shirt he had designed and I’ve been consciously putting away money to buy that shirt when I’m in Portland this fall for the 20th anniversary H.P Lovecraft Film Festival. Matt Gauck is without a doubt my favorite vegan artist.

IMG_6447A Pioneers Press order had been picked up from the boarder as well! Best! A few of Matt Resist’s bike zines out of Minneapolis, Rachel Bell’s Welcome to Your new Life with You being Happy, Alex Wrekk’s travel zine, Harsh Barge Part 2, Part 5 of Adam Gnade’s six piece series about transitioning from the city to the country, two and three of Zine Crush and Sleep Tight…Er was gifted in the order from Retirement Fund. It rules. The Cometbus A Call to Arms might have come from Gauck, or Pioneers. I’m not sure. Everything went in the same bag when I headed back to the farm in the morning. I’m totally passing A Call to Arms on to Dad. He really likes Cometbus.

IMG_6449This was cool too, not only does Resist suggest you get planting your own food but also sent along seeds! I love when Jason bbq’s yellow zucchini here. Note to self: get a hibachi so I can grill up zucc’s back at home. I wonder if zucchinis on a stick over a fire would be good? I’ve done it with portobello. When I was working construction renovating a secluded house on the lake we found a fire pit on the beach and had a hot dog roast at lunch break but instead of bringing tofu dogs for myself I marinated portobellos. The guys laughed as I turned my mushroom on a stick but it was awesome all soaked in tamari and maple syrup then charred over a cherry wood fire. With my own stick there was no sharing a grill with their sad dead pigs. Win-win!

With one week left of the show I hope I’ll have free time to dig into all these goods. Good mail days are the best!

    • lysette said:

      Indeed! Even when I order it 😉

  1. I was hoping to see a care package from Down Under. You are now the second zine freak i know. Do you have your own zine like Maud?

    • lysette said:

      I wish I got vegemite care packages from down under but the cost of shipping is murderous, I just sent my Nana in Oz a post card and that alone cost $2.50! I dream and scheme up zine ideas but have never put them to print, for now I am a fan, a rabid collector. Maud is a vet! I love her zines!

      • Wow! $2.50 to send a post card?! Time to get Nana on Skype.

  2. lysette said:

    I wish! She doesn’t even have email!

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