good morning, closing

IMG_6435IMG_6438IMG_6439I’m going to miss hanging out with this guy everyday -and Morgan. Morgan especially.

IMG_6433Last week Luka had a terrible bout of diarrhea. I felt awful she was stuck in the cabin during the show, holding her bad guts in for as long as possible to no avail. Tore up her bed, chewed on the screen door and blew out her vegan kibble pants everywhere. Thus spoke a long, soapy hot water bucket night. The following evening she managed to get out of the cabin after a smaller accident and ran down to Lisa and Jason on the red house porch during intermission. They leashed her up so she couldn’t run out to site to find me during the second act and calmed her down.

Risa gave me a can of pumpkin which oddly helps with diarrhea or constipation in dogs. DNC stands for our Dog Nerd Club. Risa is making black cotton bandanna’s and I suggested she do it in the Darkthrone style font. The pumpkin helped but not enough. I took Luka to the local vet and she went on a five day course of antibiotics. I had tried switching up her arthritis supplement. I believe this triggered the attack but there seems to be something else going on bacterial or parasitic which she could have gotten from whatever else she gets into here when I’m not looking. Her appetite and energy is back and she’s been sleeping fine in the absolutely sparkling clean cabin. At least knowing that the diarrhea I was washing out was a mixture of oat/rice/potato/vegetable protein from her vegan kibble made it way less gross. I have to buy a new screen door though.

IMG_6362Lisa’s yard. Tiny treasures. Ample sticks. Home roasted coffee. Kuzu kombucha. Tall old fir trees. Cucumber slices dipped in coarse salt. Toads & water lilies in the goldfish pond. Buddy’s cow skull. Larch fungus & shiso leaves. Sanctuary.

IMG_6369Kate’s night doodling has been a happy discovery every morning.

IMG_6366Midnight Jason.

IMG_6266After dinner during production the cook shack’s propane water heater caught fire and we gutted it. With no hot water I left a note on the chalk board encouraging everyone in the morning to minimize their dishes by eating toast for breakfast with pea butt till we sorted the water heater out -which took way longer than anticipated. We ended up boiling the wash water for over a week. The company was at max capacity during this time. Boiling pots of water to clean up lunch and dinner dishes for fifty plus people was a chore but manageable. When the hot water came back it felt positively luxurious.

IMG_6309One of my days off hanging out at the marsh lands.

IMG_6508This morning is apocalyptic. What should be a clear blue sky is obliterated with thick forest fire smoke. I can taste the burning trees in my mouth. The sun is a red orb just over the roof of the cook shack.

I always mean to take pictures of the vegan lunches and dinners Jason and Kate make me but I continually gap on it. Now with MoFo over the rise I regret not doing it more -at all. It’s closing tonight and that means they’ll make brunch for everyone and build your own taco’s for dinner. My favorite memory of the summer was standing in line with Geoff, holding my bowl -I rarely use a knife; why do I need to if I’m not cutting up animal flesh? I don’t like eating off of plates though the bowls here are too shallow- and staring down at the platter of corn or wheat tortillas. Geoff and I instantly had the same insight and exclaimed to each other ‘Burrito Bowls!’ and died with laughter the whole way around the island filling our tortillas. Two more meals and I’m back to cooking for myself till the winter show starts mid-November. It’s been a good run.

  1. Wow. Really gorgeous photography. You are in an idyllic place yourself!

    Hope Luka’s bowels have returned to normal. Happens to the best of us.

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