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8) Reach out! Make a new vegan friend and tell us about it.

When I first saw this prompt -as an introvert- it made me squirm. For me friendships are built over time, these things can not be rushed. I figured I’d just skip but over the course of the day I saw other MoFoers re-interpret it. Thus, at the farmers market last Saturday I was introduced to Woolly Mint. He is quite fuzzy and soft, with a nice minty bite. He helped with my digestion on an off guts day. Woolly Mint is my new veg friend. We’ve gotten pretty tight over the last couple of days. Unfortunately, I am eventually going to eat all of him.

Then walking home from work I thought about the podcast: Rise and Resist.

rise & resist

 Holly Noll and Lacy Davis live in the Bay area of California. Holly owns and operates a gym with her partner Ed Bauer called Plant Fit Strength and Conditioning. Lacy is a health and wellness coach and I’ve followed her awesome blog Super Strength Health since its beginning. On their hour long podcasts they talk about strength training, positive body image, veganism, feminism, disorders, health and self love, favorite snacks and how their week has been. Their friendship and respect for one another shines, as they talk openly and earnestly through personal trials and triumphs, supporting and bolstering each other up. I love strength training/power-lifting and was immediately drawn to a podcast by two vegan female lifters, who talk candidly with vast knowledge’s based on experience.

Back in the spring I was working through stormy bouts of the meh’s, that started to creep in debilitating ways; one of which was isolating myself. One night Darby and Jesse left for the gym and I found myself feeling starkly alone; even though it was self imposed. I thought ‘Maybe I’ll listen to a Rise & Resist podcast while I stretch.’ Two hours later the guys came home and I lept off the floor feeling super pumped and positive. At first I figured it couldn’t just be from listening to the episodes but every time I tuned in I felt so good afterwards. I felt the way you do when you hang out with friends who build you up, who make you feel brave, excited and adventurous. Even though I don’t call this power duo my friends, they unintentionally were surrogates for me when I was too closed in to call on my real friends for help.

I’ve shared the podcast link with girlfriends who lift and they’ve all responded with enthusiasm to what they’ve heard. Though none of them are vegans and I don’t push it, I hope through the Rise & Resist podcast they’ll get as stoked on veganism as I am.

  1. I’ve never listened to these podcasts but they sound great– I know of Holly and Ed so I’ll check out Lacy more too as it’s the kind of stuff I like too. Glad to hear they helped raise a low mood (and mint rocks too).

    • lysette said:

      You’ll love it Faye! A lot of sailor talk, keep that in mind around the kids 🙂

  2. Julie said:

    Mint’s always a good friend to have! & the podcast sounds pretty interesting; I’ll have to give it a listen sometime. 🙂

    • lysette said:

      When I asked the farmers market lady what it was -it was so furry- and she said Woolly Mint, I just melted with how adorable and appropriate that name was! Do it, it’s good fun!

  3. Kelly said:

    I like your interpretation. 🙂 And that podcast sounds really great. I’ll have to share it with my mom; she’s a vegan who lifts!

    • lysette said:

      Hell yeah! Your Mom is so cool!!

      • Kelly said:

        She is!

  4. Jennifer said:

    LOVED your take on this prompt!!!!!

  5. Caroline said:

    Great interpretation. I used to love the Vegan Freak podcasts. Now I have a job where I can wear headphones at work I should seek out some more to listen to.

    • lysette said:

      I haven’t listened to Vegan Freak but the name is familiar. Thanks, I’ll check it out. Ooo dream job being able to listen to music, audio books and podcasts! Most of the music I want to listen to when I work gets veto’d by the masses.

  6. Bonnie said:

    I love podcasts so much. I’ve never listened to this one, but that’s awesome that it’s been so helpful to you! The woolly mint looks gorgeous and I love the name too.

    • lysette said:

      He’s such a pretty woolly little mint I want him around all the time.

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