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11) Focus on a nutrient.

I do believe getting all my nutrients from food is best. However, in 2010 a blood test showed I was dangerously low in B-12. At the time I was eating lots of green vegetables, grains and beans and thought I was winning in the nutrient density race. I know these are not terribly good sources -if at all- of B-12. I wasn’t consuming much processed food which to it’s merit is at least often fortified with this vitamin. Luckily this cheap little sub-lingual, which also contains Folic acid, had me on the upswing within weeks. B-12 deficiency can sneak up on all of us, Omni’s included. I’m pretty crappy about remembering to take it, especially since the company I use changed the formula to a chalkier, slower dissolving tablet. It’s 1000mcg’s. I try to take it a few times a week. I know other vegans say they do not supplement at all and that works for them but this works for me.

  1. Hard to believe they can put nutrients in a pill, but it must be. Pills are certainly amazing.

    • lysette said:

      I think there is placebo effect with some supp’s but B-12 I do feel a difference.

    • lysette said:

      Totally! it’s pretty inexpensive and not worth risking irreparable nerve damage!

  2. I take a B12, there’s a vegan nutritionist-dietitian here who advocates all vegans take a B12 supp.

  3. Caroline said:

    Yeh, I take it too. Mines just in the form of multi Vit and mineral. I have my bloods tested every 6 months as I’ve had issues with non diet replayed iron deficiency for years and I always ask for B12 to be done too and so far so good. Thank you so much for your comment on my post about calcium. I hadn’t thought of getting a rebounder and it’s a brilliant idea 🙂

    • lysette said:

      That’s good to see you are absorbing the multi vitamin through blood work. I hope you’re iron levels are evening out, it’s tougher to do the things one needs to do to be healthy when low iron creates deep fatigue. Do it! If not just cause it’s hella fun, you’ll feel like a kid again 😉

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