mofo: coming over


15) OMG, HP Lovecraft is coming over because he knows you make awesome vegan food! What are you going to make?

I didn’t go with the prompt Barack Obama is coming over, even though that would be awesome. As far as exciting guests go I imagined the godfather of 20th century horror, with his morose composure in my kitchen and it really set my heart aflutter.

He sadly died young, at 46 from cancer in his small intestine. He reportedly suffered digestive issues most of his life but did document in letters to colleagues musings on his favorite foods. In correspondence to fellow weird fiction writer, Joseph Vernon Shea, dated 1931 the day before Halloween, Lovecraft stated he liked ‘baked beans prepared in the ancient New England way’. Myself, being west coast Canadian, I am potentially going to offend the New England baked bean tradition but I don’t own a lidded clay pot to simmer the beans over the course of the day, nor do I want to turn the oven on that long while it’s still summer. Sorry Lovecraft, but this is the compromise.

I recently acquired a second hand copy of Veganomicon; a fitting riff on Lovecraft’s Necronomicon. I used the Cheater Baked Beans recipe but subbed maple syrup for the molasses cause all I have is black-strap and they explicitly do not recommend it. The maple syrup made it too sweet for my taste but Lovecraft also wrote of his sweet tooth in correspondence. Hopefully, this simple meal would satisfy his palate.

  1. I think he’d love it! I once put blackstrap molasses in beans, urgh…

    • lysette said:

      Okay, good to know cause I was still thinking ‘How bad could it be?’ Thanks Faye, I totally hate wasting food so that would have been a bummer!

  2. Marfigs said:

    I would totally eat that – it looks amazing! I would also cut out the sweetness, or at least use very little – I find food has an overwhelming natural sweetness that gets bogged down by too much other stuff. Very cool idea (and I love that you did research :))!

    • lysette said:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the little Lovecraftian history 🙂 I usually find baked beans to be too sweet too, beans stewed in tomatoes are delicious in their own right and if I did it with this seasons ripe cherry tomatoes, that would be so good! I am still curious to try the recipe the way it’s meant to be with regular ol’ molasses.

      • Marfigs said:

        Agreed – I bought some cans of baked beans the other day but after a while it started tasting like candy and that was just weird :p Definitely try it…and then have willing guinea pigs on hand in case you can’t finish it 😉

  3. zsudever said:

    I love you switching things up. Your dish looks great!

    • lysette said:

      Thanks Zsu, I felt a little sheepish rebelling from the prompt but the thought of sitting down to a meal with Lovecraft made my toes curl in glee 🙂

  4. Caroline said:

    A nice twist on the prompt. My partner is obsessed with baked beans, I think they are a food group in itself for him. I keep meaning to make that recipe but we can only get blackstrap in England. I usually sub half maple. I love sweet savoury so would probably love it with the maple.

    • lysette said:

      So weird you can only find blackstrap molasses in England. The maple would have been better if I’d just used less of it. Can you tap trees for maple syrup in England? I’ve wanted to try birch tree syrup but it’s really expensive.

  5. Really awesome post. Do you watch ‘Penny Dreadful’? I love that show.

    • lysette said:

      Thanks for the reminder! I haven’t seen it, I think you’ve mentioned it before. With fall approaching it’s more books and series time 🙂

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