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MoFo 19: Lunch on the go.

In 2007 Darby and I did a whirlwind two month tour visiting all of my mom’s family in Australia. Port Fairy to Caloundra and everywhere in between. It was wonderful and exhausting. Given this memory was eight years ago, I don’t know if sushi-carts are still as prolific as they seemed to be. I was happy I could grab a cheap, uncut roll while we searched Melbourne and Sydney for book stores and coffee, followed by more coffee. The rolls were simple – rice with avocado, pickled daikon, or cucumber. I revisited the sushi burrito with what I had in the fridge. Shiso leaf, carrot, daikon, avocado, tofu, cauliflower, red cabbage, nori and nori komi furikake shaken on. Pickled ginger and wasabi heat was all this lunch on the go was missing.

  1. Jenny said:

    Sushi is the best and your combination sounds great! I always think of sushi as something extremely fancy to be sat down and savoured, rather than a quick bite you grab while you’re on the go, maybe because I’ve never really found it anywhere cheap and convenient for lunchtime. I need to keep an eye out for it!

    • lysette said:

      Kitchen sink type combo but it worked out 🙂 The west coast city I use to live in has so many sushi places it’s practically a fast food there, ate it all the time and was really cheap depending on where you go. When my brother was in Japan he said sushi was crushingly expensive.

  2. Caroline said:

    That looks like a great combo. I used to make sushi salad rolls without rice quite a lot but seem to have forgotten all about them. This is a great reminder, thank you!

    • lysette said:

      I’ve been digging cauliflower rice – mostly because I’ve been to lazy to put brown rice on for twenty minutes.

  3. Didnt know they had ‘Sushi Carts’ anywhere, least of all Australia. Great idea for a cart.

    • lysette said:

      It is but according to the Aussies it sounds like they don’t exist anymore -or were a figment of my imagination, either could be true;)

  4. There’s a place that’s opened up not far from me selling just sushi rolls, and I’ve been visiting them way more than I should. Maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have more (any?) sushi carts around here, or I’d be bankrupt from feeding my habit.

    • lysette said:

      I live a block from two sushi places too. Among the rolls, the spinach gomae and seaweed salad are favorites and luckily we had a friend work there and figure out everything we could/couldn’t eat or modify.

  5. our sushi/handroll places tend to be indoors in shopping centre food courts. I went off those places when one chain store had maggots in one of their chicken rolls, gross…

    • lysette said:

      I was hoping you’d chime in 🙂

      Weird -I do remember them being on the street in tiny carts and at the time wondering if it was sanitary so maybe they were shut down or moved inside at the very least. I’m not terribly squeamish but the thought of maggots in a roll sets me on the verge of vomiting up my breakfast -honeycrisp apple, chia seeds, unsweetened cashew milk and vanilla greens protein powder and strong black metal coffee ❤

      I'm quelling the urge by thinking of the scene in The Lost Boys where the Keifer Sutherland vampire messes with the mind of the mortal guy by making him think his take away rice is maggots and all the vampires laugh at him. Everything can be fixed by memories of The Lost Boys 😉 Feeling blue? Watch the epic opening scene with the saxophone player, laugh you ass off and feel infinitely better!

  6. Sushi is such a good ‘on the go’ lunch. I’m not sure about carts – the only one I recall was in Tasmania at the farmer’s market – these amazing hand rolls that they would roll fresh and fresh wasabi. Otherwise I mostly know them to be in their own shops, although I have actually seen food trucks and the like at festivals doing sushi. My favourite is a place called Wabi Sabi Salon that have interesting vegan options like crumbed potato, marinated eggplant and edamame corn. Yum!

    • lysette said:

      Damn! Marinated eggplant in a roll would be so good! I love that they use ‘Salon’ in their name. My Aussie ex ❤ and I had grand schemes we'd convert my van into a vegan sushi truck and tour the festival circuit. I think we were going to call it Sushi Mama? No one was doing it at the time so we figures he'd make a killing at it, then we just spent all our money on snowboarding instead.

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