mofo: seasonal


22) Make a dish using seasonal produce.

Teff Love! I was flipping through Kittie Berns latest cookbook and saw I had all the vegetables to make ‘Ye’denich be’kaysir atakilt or Tender potatoes with pickled beets and onion in a lime vinaigrette’. Beets, onions, potatoes and arugula are abundant at the farmers market right now. A simple dish that tastes like the sunset just exploded in your mouth.

    • lysette said:

      Do you just eat the greens then?

      • yep. the roots can go to the pups.

  1. Pretty as a purple picture. Now you’ve got me thinking: I may even have the ingredients in my fridge and the cookbook on my shelf too, and my way forward is suddenly clear!

    • lysette said:

      Comes together super fast – – > to victory!

  2. Caroline said:

    That looks so fresh and tasty. I must check out Kitee’s book.

    • lysette said:

      It’s fantastic! Cookbook shelf essential!

  3. looks good, though I have to be careful with beets because sometimes I love them, other times not. I have this book but haven’t flipped through it yet. Bad I know but I like to wait for perfect moments before I open a great book.

    • lysette said:

      Me too! I kept searching my valley for the Ethiopian spices I needed to avoid ordering them, no reason why in particular, and a spice guy at the far mar had it! Now I’m going full bore on the Teff Love! Winter project cookbook ❤

  4. ameyfm said:

    lovely!!! I love beets so much. I really oughta eat them more often. Somehow they always seems like so much work, since they turn everything pink. But my husband REALLY loves them. 🙂 This looks so nice.

    • lysette said:

      I had white beets from the market, they tasted the same just without saturating everything!

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