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25) Share your favorite cuisine.

Are west coast hippie bowls a category? Narrowing it down I love Mexican, Japanese and macrobiotic styled foods. Heavy on the fresh veg with beans & grains. I made a quick lunch from vegetables I’d picked up at the farmers market; sweet potato, red & white beet, carrot, red pepper, radish, cherry tomato, arugula and kale. Added smoked tofu, lemon and avocado, salt and pepper.  I eat variations of this everyday when I’m throwing together my own meals.

  1. ameyfm said:

    OH GEEZ. This looks amazing. I love your use of the term “West Coast Bowls.” I love bowls so much. It’s hard to pick faves, isn’t it?? We are so lucky to live in a land of variety, aren’t we?

    • lysette said:

      The more I travel away from the west coast the more I realize how lucky we are. Do we just grow more because of the right conditions? Not only is it easy for me to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, when I look around I could easily forage for free too. Let alone how many times my mom reminds me to come up and pick as many plums as I want -and hazelnuts, walnuts, apples, chard, squashes etc

  2. Ttrockwood said:

    Yup. Hippie bowls like this are a cornerstone of my life….! Cold in the summer, hot in the winter, and always better when made with some leftover roasted veggies in there.

    • lysette said:

      Hell yeah, roast veggies are on their way as the Northern winds pick up speed.

  3. Caroline said:

    That looks so colourful. I’m trying to have more meals like this. It’s a really nice way to eat.

    • lysette said:

      Tis the season! Around these parts vegetables are just peaking with glory.

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