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28) Taco VS Burritos. Where do you stand on this important issue?

I love both but taco offers more feasting for the eyes where as burrito, depending on the circumstance is more convenient. With blue corn on the brain since the ‘Something blue’ prompt I eventually found a bag of blue cornmeal -though not masa- I mixed it with boiled water and flour. It was a bit stiff but held together for the most part. Tempeh, sweet potato, red pepper, avocado, fresh corn, kale, radish, lemon and sea salt.

The winter my fellow vegan friend Mathew was cooking solo on the farm he had just gotten back from Mexico with a bag full of peppers & spices and was raving about all the tacos he ate. He said eating tacos everyday felt akin to what he imagines enlightenment would be like. I said I could easily eat tacos everyday. He asked if I wanted to join him on the ‘Taco Diet to Enlightenment’? I shook his hand and said ‘Yes!”

Six weeks of tacos lunch and dinner. He made fresh tortillas with a press he bought in Mexico. It was a deep, snowy winter show and some days I would just want hot soup but hot soup is not taco. While the rest of the company warmed their faces over a steaming bowl, I warmed mine over a fresh plate. If I couldn’t finish dinner, I finished it for breakfast. Each meal was a variation and I never grew tired of the medium. By the end of the run I did feel that sense of calm and peace with the world that Matt described. He went on to open two successful taquerias in the city.

  1. Caroline said:

    Definitely my favourite blog post today. I love that you made your own tacos and that story about the taco road to enlightenment is just excellent!

  2. it’s nearly midnight here but this has made my day!

    • lysette said:

      Yay! I’m not sleeping either! Thanks super moon!

  3. Jenny said:

    Making your own tacos is very impressive! I’d never heard of blue corn until that MoFo prompt, so this month has been very good for my general education. It looks really pretty!

    • lysette said:

      It’s so easy but masa flour is the way to do it so next time I’ll just mix in a bit of the blue cornmeal -which really is purple- with the masa. A fresh tortilla is the best best best.

  4. Kelly said:

    The last line of this post is golden.

    • lysette said:

      He did! The guy from Detroit with a heart of gold and a gift in the kitchen.

    • lysette said:

      It was a messy handful for sure but sometimes you just gotta let go and take the ride.

  5. I feel like this post is less a MoFo prompt, more a life lesson. If enlightenment is found at the end of a taco, I’m very willing to pursue it. On a related note: assuming that taco has avocado, of course.

    • lysette said:

      A avocado-less taco is very sad, indeed.

  6. kendy said:

    i could eat tacos everyday! handmade tortillas are magical – the ground corn texture that gets washed out in the commercial process is so tasty with handmade.

    • lysette said:

      Totally! Matt’s were far superior to mine, I need to work on my tortilla making skills.

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