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IMG_681230) Fusion Challenge!

In Kittee Bern’s awesome Papa Tofu zine there’s a recipe called Bakela Dinich W’et or soy curls and potatoes in a spicy gravy. I had bought a bag of soy curls from Food Fight last year when I was in Portland for the HPLFF. I also opened her latest cookbook Teff Love and made Quick Teff Crepes. Teff Love is a book I want to work through from start to finish. Everything I’ve made so far are total winners.

In Papa Tofu she suggests adding avocado. I threw on some cherry tomatoes and ate this folded like a taco. I don’t know if this really counts as fusion: Ethiopian+ sort of Mexican?

Huh, I guess it’s the end. The prompts encouraged me to post more than I did last year and try out heaps of recipes from my cookbook shelves. Given that I hadn’t prepared anything all summer long -save for overnight oats- thanks to Kate & Jason’s kitchen magic, MoFo really mustered back my cooking strength.

It’s been fun. I’m on route to a vegan/horror holiday -vegan and horror not vegan horrors, that wouldn’t be a holiday unless it was a Dead Kennedy’s song.Thanks to all the other MoFo’s who stopped by and said ‘Hi’, it was a real pleasure. I hope to see you next year. Take care and DSV – don’t stop at vegan.

  1. Teff Love is one of my recent buys and I’m so in love with it. Then I found injera bread at a market here and pretty much ate the whole bag (five big rounds of injera) by myself. Have a great holiday 🙂

    • lysette said:

      Thanks Faye! The trip’s been great so far. I’m hoping to find Ethiopian food while I’m here, shouldn’t be hard. You’re lucky to have an injera supply close at hand!

  2. Caroline said:

    I’ve never really had Ethiopean food but I keep hearing great things about Kittee’s book. Your posts have been a joy to read. Really pleased to have found your blog. Like you I think I blogged more than I’ve done in any other years and I came to love the prompts despite not liking the idea to begin with! Have a fab vegan horror holiday.

    • lysette said:

      Right back at you Caroline ❤ Really enjoyed your posts through MoFo. I'll keep up with you through the year 🙂

  3. I’ve only ever heard about Papa Tofu loves Ethiopian Food – it’s like one of those secret texts of veganism that gets passed hand to hand by devotees. I need to work through Teff Love too!

    • lysette said:

      I was fortunate to grab a copy a few years back at Herbivore! A Teff Love work through is my next kitchen project! I might not blog about it but I’m excited to keep this MoFo cooking energy on track. Loved your posts through the month ❤

  4. I have read nothing but raves about Teff Love as well.

    And kudos to you for an excellent job MoFoing. Really enjoyed what you came up with from the prompts.

    • lysette said:

      Are there any Ethiopian places around the VI?

      Thanks Shen, that’s sweet of you to say. I surprised myself that I managed every prompt even if it was just a quick quip.

  5. Teff Love & Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian are two beloved texts in my household, but I haven’t tried the Soy Curls recipe in the zine. It looks delicious!!

    • lysette said:

      Definitly going to be the most cracked open and stained cookbooks on the shelf!

  6. ameyfm said:

    Yay! I loved your posts so much this month, I’m so glad you did MoFo! I”m just catching up from the last week of September, when I was away on vacation. I love Kittee’s recipes so much.

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