IMG_7478On route to the farm after opening the bookshop. Two espresso’s. One while texting back and forth with Lisa; another while talking back and forth with Lisa, a volley of loving words before the last stretch to the Walk of Terror. Cameron and Scott met me in the parking lot. I followed Scott around the forest placing tea candles in bags of sand to light the path through the woods.

IMG_7481Scott had hoped I’d help Maryke manipulate the hands of this giant Slavic Leshy puppet. Unbeknownst to him I was already slotted into the manic comfort of box office with Lisa.

IMG_7490Once the sun set, the rain cleared and the wind died down. Most of the audience arrived in costume. They were delighted to be marked by my Clydesdale stamp pulling off gloves, rolling up sleeves though a few asked why the horse wasn’t more ghoulish.

IMG_7485Front gate of the box office. Charon skull from two summer shows ago.

IMG_7539Cameron on the old, dancing horse piano in the Back 40 house. Any opportunity to listen to Cameron play brings me to tears with longing and nostalgia of our youth. Risa upstairs twirling before the window as a lost soul.

IMG_7498Was this Truman? He’d just hitched in from the island.

IMG_7502Warming up around one of the many fire cauldrons around the farm.

IMG_7510The band was fantastic and hard to take a picture of with people dancing and kids running all around. Described as New Orleans noir. Her voice was otherworldly and normally a plugged in banjo would bother me but I liked it. Stand up bass and trumpet always win.

IMG_7523Harry dressed as a cheetah (he’d forgot his Ninja costume on the school bus) passed out on Buddy’s bed in Lisa and Coco’s new office hut. Post show Maryke, Lisa and I deliriously redesigned a Robin Hood disco pantomime poster. I did nothing other than ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ ideas while they did all the real work. Slept vividly in the Twin Peaks cabin and left before anyone else had woken up; south bound for the bookshop. In less than two weeks I’ll be back for the winter show.

  1. oh man that looks awesome. Hey btw, in the Greenilicious cookbook there’s a Cooper’s Cherry Pie smoothie πŸ˜€

  2. lysette said:

    Twin Peaks anticipation is killing me, they keep pushing the date further to never! I’ll totally soothe it with that smoothie πŸ˜‰

  3. kendy said:

    really nice – it invokes fall in every detail. the puppet tree is really cool – spooky but nature-y!

    • lysette said:

      It was really terrifying! We were recounting it around dinner last night. ‘The Leshy’ is a Slavic shape-shifter and guardian of the woods, a reason not to go into the woods at night. What the directors recreated was surreal and hallucinatory, really disorienting which the woods are like at night regardless if we put in installations and actors in costumes splintering off through the paths. The walk takes almost an hour but it was so dark I couldn’t really take many pictures with my ipod, also I stand by the rules to not photograph actors. These woods are haunted and as I walked through them I wondered what was staged and what wasn’t. I’ll never know πŸ™‚

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