farm dogs

Over the course of the summer many dogs come and go from the farm with their human companions. These three I had/ve the strongest relationships with, though I have yet to meet Scott’s on and off roommate, Bear.

IMG_20170709_200406.jpgHolly, amidst the crowd on Cabin Crawl night. A lovely lady, new to the farm this summer and hopefully returning with her person this winter. Stafford-shire, pit bull mix with maybe German shepherd? She has a limp from an injured hip and six teats that hang low from her litter of 14! Twelve survived. She liked to sit on my feet and lean into my legs. In the heat of the day you’d find her resting in the silty dirt, basking in the direct sun. During rehearsal when we moved on site, Holly was laying near the shop where her person was building set pieces. When Randi first entered as Hellhound, Holly came bounding over woofing at the cast and stood alert like a minion next to Hellhound. Randi took Holly’s reaction as the highest praise.

IMG_20170821_211721Bella, once the young pup on the farm has become its matriarch. Golden retriever crossed with Rhodesian ridge back. She also has an long standing injury to her back leg from leaping off a second story deck chasing after her ball. Bella spends her time sleeping in the costume room or in the yard begging children to throw ball for her which naturally she can only handle in small doses these days. If she’s overdone it, her person puts a fabric flag around her collar notifying the company, despite what she tells them, she needs to rest her leg.

IMG_20170821_224437Coveted porch chair, all mammals first come first serve.

IMG_20170822_175323.jpgBest for last. Buddy. Arctic fox mixed with pocket wolf. Sporting a scarf with the company logo to identify him as one of the farm dogs. Pre-show he cruises the parking lot field greeting audience members tail gate picnicking. His wolfish eyes blazing with all the smorgasbord possibilities just beyond the fence. Two weeks to this day I’ll be up north cruising the wintry cedar forests with Buddy, Lisa and I ten paces behind, cradling our mitts around black coffee.

  1. Jenny said:

    I need a fabric flag like Bella ❤

  2. I love the flag idea for when Bella needs a rest. My friend Boris is the same, he doesn’t know when he’s physically had enough play or walks. We like to go long walks with him, but when we see him start to tire, we carry him the rest of the way. As long as he’s close to us, he doesn’t mind.

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